Terms and conditions for hiring Artography Weddings

General Terms & Conditions:

  1. Any additional charges incurred, will be recovered from applicant.
  2. No additional travelling expenses will be incurred unless previously stated.
  3. Artography Weddings will recover the cost of accommodation expenses and petrol where ceremony is at a distance of 100 miles or greater.
  4. It may be necessary to travel on the evening prior to the wedding to avoid traffic and other problems also it may be necessary to stay overnight where a wedding runs late. The cost of accommodation shall be reimbursed from the client with regards to late and distant weddings.
  5. Food and beverages must be provided to all photographers where attendance is over 5 hrs.

Booking Fee:

A £200 booking fee is required to confirm any booking of Artography Weddings services. The £200 booking fee covers any administration costs and secures the services of Artography Weddings wedding day photographic service. This booking fee is NON REFUNDABLE. Reservations are made on a strictly first come - first served basis. Dates will ONLY be secured upon receipt of the reservation fee.

Payment Terms:

  • £200 Booking fee - payable on booking Artography Weddings.
  • Balance of payment - payable 30 days/ 1 calendar month before your wedding day.
  • Additional prints, albums, services - payable in full at time of ordering.


All prices quoted include VAT unless stated otherwise. Prices and specifications are subject to change.


The 1988 Copyright Design & Patents Act - section 77 & 80 assigns copyright of photographs/digital images to Artography Weddings. It is contrary to the act to copy or allow to be copied photographs/digital images captured by Artography Weddings by any means. Artography Weddings will always pursue breaches of this act in a court of law.

Artistic Licence:

Artography Weddings shall be granted full artistic licence in relation to poses photographed and locations used at the wedding venue(s).
Due to the vagaries of the weather and the willingness of subjects, it may not be possible to capture certain requested images. No one image shall be deemed 'more important' than any other image or be treated as such.

Negative/digital files:

All negative/digital files remain the property of Artography Weddings unless copyright has been purchased by the client for personal use only.
On purchase of copyright Artography Weddings will release all high resolution files to the client ready to use on DVD/CD Rom discs along with copyright release information. The client shall be solely responsible for the discs safe keeping from that point onwards.

Albums & supplied prints:

Artography Weddings takes the utmost care while producing albums and supplied prints. Our products are subject to rigorous quality inspections and are dispatched in perfect condition. On receiving our product(s) the client will have 7 working days to report any fault or problem due to shipping or handling to Artography Weddings. Artography Weddings will rectify any fault free of charge during this time period. Faults reported outside 7 working days will be subject to costs.

Cancellation of services:

The client may cancel their contract with Artography Weddings at any given time up to one month before the date of wedding by sending written notice to Artography Weddings office. Artography Weddings will reimburse any monies paid LESS the reservation fee which remains non refundable

See also "Legal Notices"

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